My brother visits me, or how to get lost in Dehradun's streets


My elder brother is visiting me. It is his first time in India and he already feels pleasantly sprinkled with the indian feeling of life. After a long journey, he was tired but simply thrilled by the surroundings, the smells, the people and my flat. He slept wonderfully and set off for a run early in the morning. I told him to download an offline map onto his cellphone so he wouldn't get lost, or at least take my address with him. He didn't do that. Then I advised him to run only in a rectangle, because he's bound to get lost. Well, two hours after he left he went back home and I just have to tell you what happened in the meantime.




After my brother ran the first two streets, he ran too far and ended up on a diagonal road and this was the disaster’s entrance. He realized he was lost and started to look for his way back. However, not the same way he originally came. He got more and more lost and asked a gentleman, who was about to lock his gate, if he knew where the shop was,


next to where I live. The sir quickly closed his gate, a little uncertainly, as he must have been a bit suspicious of the foreign jogger, but then he showed himself to be very helpful.


Unfortunately, my brother had forgotten the right name of the shop and had given it a different one. Howsoever, he remembered the name off a kindergarden nearby, which the gentleman could not find online either. Within a very short time around ten men where gathered around him, discussing which way to go now. An unimaginable situation in Switzerland, I have to mention. Anyway my brother ran off again, but of course without success to reach home.




There were many students on the street who shouted comments at him about his physics. Well, they didn't know what kind of misery he was in. He finally ended up at another school nearby where he hoped to get help. A very friendly driver from the school drove off with him. The kindergarden my brother named was only a branch but the driver drove in the direction of the head office. It soon became clear that the distance was too far and that there must be a mistake. So he ended up at a police station, where again there was a stern discussion about which way to go.


My brother was no longer quite sure what was happening to him, and he began to think seriously about how he could get in touch with me. But the kindergarden was found after all and the driver was able to take him there safely. So after a whole adventurous trip, my brother went back safe and sound and the first thing we did, was to install an offline map on his cellphone.




All in all, he was still happy with his experience. The people were so friendly and helpful and he got a little bit closer to the Indian mentality. The rest of the day was very relaxed. We rode together on the scooter, ate cake, consulted the Ayurveda doctor and bought trousers. He has loved the day and is already thinking about how he could spend a year in India. Already this country has taken him in, just like it has me. Anyway, I wouldn't mind having him here. Quite the opposite.